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  • Longshot but if anyone has any Corima rear hub from 1998-2014 I need it for cassette body and internals
    in Want to Buy Comment by tvcb August 20
  • Talked to Chris Chance and Andy Newlands at length yesterday. Andy invited me to goose hollow inn for a beer then gave me a belt buckle. The old frame builders are so much cooler than kids these days
    in Today I Love Comment by tvcb August 14
  • Fucking ref wouldn't let anything slide. Whatever, you know how the story goes- End of the line Take a rest Keep it moving.
  • Loud and/or Lit Tonight Best ride of the year Get wild
  • @bschultz said:Parkways north this Sunday! I'll be at Peninsula Park (Kerby & Ainsworth) from 11-4p. Come thru!! You gonna be handing out the Zima?
  • Who all is getting lewd on Saturday?
    in Pedalpaloozer! Comment by tvcb June 22
  • Anyone want to do the Lebowski ride tonight wearing a new unreleased color of the dude sweater?
  • All the best to his family. What an awesome dude that we lost. Someone please reach out if there is an event happening in memorium for those that aren't on Facebook and Twitter.
    in Today I... WTF? Comment by tvcb June 13
  • Fuck. I would happily bike out to Stubb's for camping but I have work in the studio next weekend
  • I think ( not positive) that 15.7 was the first to support your card. http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMDCatalyst15-7WINReleaseNotes.aspx
    in Want to Borrow Comment by tvcb June 2
  • ATI website should have legacy drivers that you can install using onboard video
    in Want to Borrow Comment by tvcb June 1
  • Oops. Always try to roll back the driver unless you have factory shipped drivers on a disc or something.
    in Want to Borrow Comment by tvcb June 1
  • My money is on bad video card barring any recent drivers updates.
    in Want to Borrow Comment by tvcb June 1
  • I have never seen a GPU not get recognized due to power constraints, even an R9 uses less than 50w at idle. I don't doubt that your PSU is faulty but your process of elimination is a little out of order. I have other GPUs you can borrow to rule out…
    in Want to Borrow Comment by tvcb June 1
  • If you have a lead on a good spot that would be fun then I may be in to join. I think I might be taking a few days off so I haven't decided if this is a short trip or part of a 4-day
    in BLM Comment by tvcb May 23
  • My theory: if you are going to veer out of the bike lane you check your shoulder. If someone is passing you without saying something it probably because they are not in a position to interfere with your travel. Should you pass another rider after …
  • Anyone want to bike out for the eclipse in August? I'm thinking 80 miles south on roads then 10 miles on forest service roads.
    in BLM Comment by tvcb May 23
  • First time torquing up the track bike in months. Fuck you minor foot muscles
    in Today I... WTF? Comment by tvcb May 8
  • Anyone want an EVGA GTX 670? Below market value whatever that is
  • RIP in peace Jerry and Kendra. Get well soon, Michael. You must be one foot in the grave from undertaking this curse.
  • Some surface component repairs are possible but really it's a tough call weather that one popped and caused the screen issue. A1278 is a cool model too, I think it's worth some effort in fixing but look at prices of a replacement motherboard if you …
  • It's not necessarily a goner. If it lives on your desk an external display is he easy solution provided video out is still working. Big question is after the issue did you ever pull the motherboard and clean any corrosion and residue from the liqu…
  • The only website to give out shirts posthumously.
  • Wow it's really fucking windy this morning but surprisingly humid. I saw scooters tipped over because they had a rain cover on.
    in Today I... WTF? Comment by tvcb April 7
  • Xtr m900 hubs 130/100 36h
    in Want to Buy Comment by tvcb March 19
  • People hate on cantis in CX but it's certainly doable and when adjusted properly they are very functional, just not as strong as disc/more effected by conditions. More clearance for mud compared to mini vs but also more brake to potentially catch o…
    in Want to Sell Comment by tvcb March 19
  • Is anyone interested in continuing my wallowas Whitman discovery this summer? I'm going to plan two different short trips, one to scout the upper Whitman forest and explore some old mining areas, then a hiking weekend to find a way from Lord flat t…
    in BLM Comment by tvcb March 13