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  • WTB 110 bcd narrow wide chaingring 38 or 40t. Need it before Saturday )
  • New team race whip courtesy of Portland Bicycle Studio :x
  • @Cekte my original statement still stands. I never asked for advice. I will say, learn the difference between hypothetical and literal. @jerry just do it ^:)^
    in Want to Sell Comment by rofljen March 24
  • @Cekte said:1. Ask questions 2. Get pissed at answers 3. Talk shit to everyone 4. Try to hock goods 5. ... 6. Profit $$$ Hey @cekte I asked specific questions about an item. Not brake advice. Check your info and fuck off. You've always been a dic…
    in Want to Sell Comment by rofljen March 24
  • Trying to sell my Stages 172.5 6700 Ultegra Powercrank AND the whole 6700 Ultegra Crankset. Too long for me, trying to get $500-600 for everything. Powercrank was just serviced by Stages and works great. Maybe not the right audience but figured I …
    in Want to Sell Comment by rofljen March 23
  • Tiwtf at men who can't keep their mouth shut oh I mean all of pdxfixed.com )
  • Remembered why I rarely post here. Too much unnecessary commentary
    in Want to Sell Comment by rofljen March 20
  • Lol at all these dudes giving the one person who's raced elite cx for four years advice like I don't know how anything works. I've never had brake issues that I couldn't race through. Thx tho guise. If I wanted advice, I would have asked.
    in Want to Sell Comment by rofljen March 20
  • @McRussellPants said:[quote=@rofljen]Not disc. Fuck that shit. [/quote] Just don't like them for cross. Why do you need super working brakes for cross?
    in Want to Sell Comment by rofljen March 19
  • I just built a new cx bike. It has Mini Vs. Not disc. Fuck that shit.
    in Want to Sell Comment by rofljen March 19
  • Mostly listening to Noname, Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean and Stevie Knicks cause duh. And this seems to always be stuck in my head
  • @bicyclefunk said:[quote=@bicyclefunk]Looking to sell this wheelset for a fair price (was thinking 250-300). Noting that I've put probably 2500 miles on them, bearings are still very smooth, braking surface seems good, some burrs on the free body hu…
    in Want to Sell Comment by rofljen March 17
  • @bicyclefunk said:Just yanking your chain. Panaracer tires are my fav. Good price for a good tire. Maybe they are heavy, but the tour tires they have run me for thousands of miles with very little flats. That said, don't know anything about their …
  • @bicyclefunk said:Why'd you ask then? Oh, is that a humble brag? No, I was asking seriously and then was told in the meantime that I have to use specific tires....the question is irrelevant now. May seem like I was bragging but all I can say is th…
  • @rofljen said:[quote=@tvcb]What's your tire clearance? I ride 23s or 25s[/quote] But now I have a tire sponsor so I don't really have a choice I guess,
  • @tvcb said:What's your tire clearance? I ride 23s or 25s
  • What road tires should I run for spring racing and riding?
  • TIL finally not feeling like I am dying.
  • @bouticracka said:@rofljen pix of bag plz Crap, it just sold on ebay. Sorry
  • Selling one of these: http://www.probikesupply.com/cane-creek-zs55-40-headset-lower/#.WG16iVMrKHs Purchased the wrong item cause a friend measured it wrong. Oops! Asking $30 ALSO: Chrome Ivan Rolltop bag, used but in good condition $50 PDW Ful…
  • @jerry fortunately, mine is matte black and there were no visual defects. However, I feel pretty shitty that Brad had to hand-sand the shell for several hours.
  • @jerry said:in response to the poor finishing, i built up a few bikes for the OMTM guys (who were sponsored by Zen) and they were great frames, but they looked like a toddler finished them off. it was pretty ridic that they sent out such turds to du…
  • @tvcb this is the smaller end of my sizing, which I prefer. More maneuverability, which is great especially for cx. It's a 48cm. @jerry Woronets is a good friend. He had a couple frames left and sold me this one for $300. The only bad part? Th…
  • New cx bike day! Road wheels for now because my road bike is at Ruckus being fixed !
  • @jnerula said:
  • @McRussellPants said:I have a new ti cycles flat bar that I don't want for 40$. You'll want to cut it down. Go ahead and text me, let's talk. -REDACTED-
  • WTB: 27.2 seatpost, ideally two bolt, on the longer side. 31.8 diameter bar at least 600mm wide, but not too wide. Thanks guys
  • TIH asking people out and never hearing back
  • Yes @jerry this Friday. It'll be chill. I'm not drinking and I have a race the next day.
  • THIS FRIDAY EVE: bike to BBQ. Metropolis folks are out of town, in Bend so let's get some meat and grill it. I say alley ride through SE/NE and then either grill at Jerry and Kendra's or a park or my place? @jerry I would text you but I lost my p…