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  • WTB 110 bcd narrow wide chaingring 38 or 40t. Need it before Saturday )
  • New team race whip courtesy of Portland Bicycle Studio :x
  • @Cekte my original statement still stands. I never asked for advice. I will say, learn the difference between hypothetical and literal. @jerry just do it ^:)^
  • @Cekte said:1. Ask questions 2. Get pissed at answers 3. Talk shit to everyone 4. Try to hock goods 5. ... 6. Profit $$$ Hey @cekte I asked specific questions about an item. Not brake advice. Check your info and fuck off. You've always been a dic…
  • Trying to sell my Stages 172.5 6700 Ultegra Powercrank AND the whole 6700 Ultegra Crankset. Too long for me, trying to get $500-600 for everything. Powercrank was just serviced by Stages and works great. Maybe not the right audience but figured I …
  • Tiwtf at men who can't keep their mouth shut oh I mean all of pdxfixed.com )
  • Remembered why I rarely post here. Too much unnecessary commentary
  • Lol at all these dudes giving the one person who's raced elite cx for four years advice like I don't know how anything works. I've never had brake issues that I couldn't race through. Thx tho guise. If I wanted advice, I would have asked.
  • @McRussellPants said:[quote=@rofljen]Not disc. Fuck that shit. [/quote] Just don't like them for cross. Why do you need super working brakes for cross?
  • I just built a new cx bike. It has Mini Vs. Not disc. Fuck that shit.
  • Mostly listening to Noname, Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean and Stevie Knicks cause duh. And this seems to always be stuck in my head
  • @bicyclefunk said:[quote=@bicyclefunk]Looking to sell this wheelset for a fair price (was thinking 250-300). Noting that I've put probably 2500 miles on them, bearings are still very smooth, braking surface seems good, some burrs on the free body hu…
  • @bicyclefunk said:Just yanking your chain. Panaracer tires are my fav. Good price for a good tire. Maybe they are heavy, but the tour tires they have run me for thousands of miles with very little flats. That said, don't know anything about their …
  • @bicyclefunk said:Why'd you ask then? Oh, is that a humble brag? No, I was asking seriously and then was told in the meantime that I have to use specific tires....the question is irrelevant now. May seem like I was bragging but all I can say is th…
  • @rofljen said:[quote=@tvcb]What's your tire clearance? I ride 23s or 25s[/quote] But now I have a tire sponsor so I don't really have a choice I guess,
  • @tvcb said:What's your tire clearance? I ride 23s or 25s
  • What road tires should I run for spring racing and riding?
  • TIL finally not feeling like I am dying.
  • @bouticracka said:@rofljen pix of bag plz Crap, it just sold on ebay. Sorry
  • Selling one of these: http://www.probikesupply.com/cane-creek-zs55-40-headset-lower/#.WG16iVMrKHs Purchased the wrong item cause a friend measured it wrong. Oops! Asking $30 ALSO: Chrome Ivan Rolltop bag, used but in good condition $50 PDW Ful…
  • @jerry fortunately, mine is matte black and there were no visual defects. However, I feel pretty shitty that Brad had to hand-sand the shell for several hours.
  • @jerry said:in response to the poor finishing, i built up a few bikes for the OMTM guys (who were sponsored by Zen) and they were great frames, but they looked like a toddler finished them off. it was pretty ridic that they sent out such turds to du…
  • @tvcb this is the smaller end of my sizing, which I prefer. More maneuverability, which is great especially for cx. It's a 48cm. @jerry Woronets is a good friend. He had a couple frames left and sold me this one for $300. The only bad part? Th…
  • New cx bike day! Road wheels for now because my road bike is at Ruckus being fixed !
  • @jnerula said:
  • @McRussellPants said:I have a new ti cycles flat bar that I don't want for 40$. You'll want to cut it down. Go ahead and text me, let's talk. -REDACTED-
  • WTB: 27.2 seatpost, ideally two bolt, on the longer side. 31.8 diameter bar at least 600mm wide, but not too wide. Thanks guys
  • TIH asking people out and never hearing back
  • Yes @jerry this Friday. It'll be chill. I'm not drinking and I have a race the next day.
  • THIS FRIDAY EVE: bike to BBQ. Metropolis folks are out of town, in Bend so let's get some meat and grill it. I say alley ride through SE/NE and then either grill at Jerry and Kendra's or a park or my place? @jerry I would text you but I lost my p…