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WHEN: Saturday, May 30th at 3:00pm
Next Week · 85°F / 57°F Partly Cloudy

AT: Creston Park - Picnic Area
4476 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97206

Description and stuff
"May 30th I turn 30 gall dang years old. HOLY CROW.
I might need a cane and some calcium suppliments soon concarn-it.
Come out and help celebrate (and comisserate) my youth and the final passing of it.
Goodbye Roaring 20's, Hello Great Depression ;)

Doing some stuff and things to celebrate! Please bring some grillables, a dish to pass, other foods, drinks, etc. BYOB. Please RSVP so I can get a rough idea of how many peoples are coming.

Highlights include:
-Barbeque / Potluck
-Feats of Strength*
-Free flashlight with purchase*

Ideas, suggestions, etc are also welcomed!

*Aforementioned asterisked activities may not actually occur. No purchase necessary. One discount per person. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Valid only in continental US. Must redeem in store during regular business hours. Cash value 1/20th of 1¢. Proof of sale may be required. All rights reserved. Roll Derp."


  • RickymareRickymare Riding Level: 633
    Last year we celebrated your birthday on my birthday...this year we celebrate my birthday on my birthday!
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    What day is your bday Ricky?
    We've got a serious amout of may babby bdays
  • RickymareRickymare Riding Level: 633
    same day as yours! But I was kidding about celebrating. I usually keep it low key.
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    Oh shoot, that's right! Joint bday partay?
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    (And by that I mean a shared party but with lots of joints)
  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,327
    2 noobs have the same birthdays as ogs?
    I'm afraid they might be replicants
    Or those robots from battlestar
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    Okay. Maybe like 1 joint
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    edited May 2015
  • S_L_D_S_L_D_ Riding Level: 453
    look at those old guys over there. ^^^^^^^
  • rofljenrofljen Riding Level: 2,438
    @S_L_D_ your racing age is 30 so shush
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
  • rofljenrofljen Riding Level: 2,438
    ugh you guys I thought you stopped giving me shit like two years ago
  • SpokiiSpokii Riding Level: 122
    I has some shit for you. I'll throw it in a paper bag and bring it to the park for after your tabor lap(s).
  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,327
    Deez nutz
  • MacheteMachete Riding Level: 151
    @cekte I vote for laser tag. The past three years we have done cool shit for your birthday, this year, let's laser tag?
  • KendraKendra Riding Level: 1,356
    The BBQ last year was fun!
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    @Machete said:
    @cekte I vote for laser tag. The past three years we have done cool shit for your birthday, this year, let's laser tag?
    Yeah, I'm down to do something wacky/fun this year. I've had a blast the past several!
    @Kendra said:
    The BBQ last year was fun!
    Thanks, I had a ton of fun too! I was really stoked to see you guys and have such a big turnout. It's a rarity to have gatherings where everyone is able to make it, It was really great to see everyone together again last year.

    I feel really lucky to have so many rad friends and genuinely good people in my life. Hoping my golden bday will really be one to remember. Goodbye 20's and youth. Officially on my way to old man status. NOW GET OFF MY LAWN GODDAMMIT :)
  • rofljenrofljen Riding Level: 2,438
  • tvcbtvcb Riding Level: 1,388
    BBQ on elk rock island
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    underwater bbq
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    Underwater island lazer-tag BBQ it is!
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    Anyone have a submersible grill?

    (bring yer own scuba gear)
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    Okay, real talk
    This shit is 9 days away and counting
    Everyone down for a Parqlife Bday BBQ? If so, what park say ye?
    Was thinking maybe Mt Tabor? Suggestions?? Gotta create a real invite asap
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    I vote tabor cuz rad
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    Okay rad, yeah thats what I was thinking too.
    I am gonna have to call asap tmrw. On the Portland Parks & Rec website it is saying that all parks are unavailable for reservation on May 30th for some reason :C Not even that they're booked, just not available. Idgi
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    Well it looks like I fucked up. Reservations made within 10 days of activity have to pay a rush fee. Also Mt. Tabor is $192 with other fees not including rush fee. Fuck me.
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    Okay so good news and bad news.

    Bad News - I can't afford Tabor, that shit is way too expensive. Theres a ton of rad parks already fully booked cuz I waited too long. Also one site is booked and the other site is down for mainenance.

    Good News- There are still some cool parks not booked for the 30th, and I apparently don't have to pay the rush fee on a regular event. Though I do need to reserve a spot ASAP as they're filling up super quick.

    Spots Open- Brooklyn Park, Colonel Summers Park, Creston Park, Grant Park, Irving Park, - Possibly Kelley Point, Overlook, or Peninsula. What does everyone vote? Lemme know!!!
  • rofljenrofljen Riding Level: 2,438
    Colonel Summers is nice but it might be packed D: Overlook would be rad, too! Not sure what Brooklyn is like but it's next to Brooklyn Park Pub!
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    edited May 2015
    I was thinking maybe Creston, Irving, or Overlook?

    I would be totally down for Kelley Point cuz rad park and beach, but it's pretty deep and if people are drinking that's probably not a good idea. That location also may effect the outcome as a lot of people probably wouldnt go that far for a praty.

    Col Summers is tempting and we could get the pavillion thing, but probably gonna have to evict all the homebums, ICP kids, and park junkies.
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