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i moved to portland in 2010 with no job, no plan, no friends, and no idea what I was doing. i was a member of sffixed for a long long time and googled to see if portland had anything similar and found out about pdxfixed. sffixed was a wonderful community who wouldn't hesitate to help out a new member or show someone new to the city around.

pdxfixed was a bunch of fucking dicks.

i posted a new thread saying i was new to the area, introducing myself, and asking if anyone would be up to show me the area while i was aimlessly biking around. i was immediately met with a storm of /thread, fuck you go back to california, oh great more new losers, etc etc etc.

i hid in the shadows for a while and cried.

i slowly met a few of the members (nasty nate, stacy, doug, etc) and started being a massive dick on the board to earn a reputation. pdxfixed reluctantly accepted me and i met pretty much all the friends i had at the time through that board. if it weren't for pdxfixed and all the ridiculous shit that happened, i don't know what i'd be doing right now. probably not complaining about my liver.

i don't remember exactly when the OG forum started to die, but it had been neglected for a while and nothing was changing. no new members were being added, the software was getting outdated, and everything was just generally stuck. i think about two years of neglect went by until i started up portlandfixed.com as an alternative, almost exactly a year ago.

lots of you flew the coop and came over, and lots of new members had the opportunity to join after being left in limbo at the old pdxfixed. lots of people took the opportunity to realize "FUCK I WASTE A LOT OF TIME ON THIS FORUM, I'M OUT" and i hope someday they come back, and i hope we get a lot of new users too.

after a while of OG pdxfixed being dead, alex (the original pdxfixed) redirected all traffic from that site to my site at portlandfixed. that helped add even more new members and cement that we were doing something right.

recently alex VERY generously gave control of pdxfixed.com to me and today i moved the old/new forum back to the new/old/original domain that you're at right now. all traffic from portlandfixed.com redirects to pdxfixed.com and i will probably never use that site for anything ever again except for a porn parody of this site.

in conclusion, pdxfixed.com is cool, you guys are all cool, i'm cool, we're cool, everything is fucking cool!


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