Anyone here a practitioner? Must credit @krink for introducing me to it, been at it about a year now. Seen lots of benefit from my own regular practice both mentally and physically. Arm balances are my favorite area to explore in. Have not yet undertaken the full ashtanga series but I do hatha in a 100F room a couple times a week and my own vinyasa 4 days a week. Dropping in at a new studio is always educational.


  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,327
    Nancy's is pretty good
  • descendentsdescendents Riding Level: 49
    My girlfriend teaches a few places around town:

  • tvcbtvcb Riding Level: 1,388
    there's a bunch of moms in yoga pants at St simon coffee on saturdays so there must be a good weekend place around there.
  • rofljenrofljen Riding Level: 2,438
    There's a place downtown near the yammy that does drop in donation only yoga. Supposed to be good.

    Alternatively, I would be down to do a yoga class at someone's house if anyone was interested. I have a bit of knowledge, but collectively if some people were interested we could make it work.
  • MacheteMachete Riding Level: 151
    I heard of the place on Yamhill too, I think I want to start going there, my roommate said it's pretty awesome.
  • maxmax Riding Level: 83
    ^that place is sweet.

    Attendance is high due to donation-based pricing. (Duh)
  • KrinkKrink Riding Level: 79
    Sorry everyone, yoga is over. Its all about rhythm gymnastics now.
  • justinsyndicatejustinsyndicate Riding Level: 31
    Trill blazin'
  • rofljenrofljen Riding Level: 2,438
    no, acrobatic gymnastics

  • tvcbtvcb Riding Level: 1,388
    I agree
    Robotic gymnastics is the future
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