Death, Taxes and Buffets

KrinkKrink Riding Level: 79
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Sup people, two things

1) I own and operate an accounting company in NE Portland. We prepare taxes for business and individuals.
What I really enjoy doing through my work is helping people with numbers. Therefore, I'd love to hook you fixxy homies up. If you don't know anything about taxes, are trying to file, or just hate the man, feel free to hit me up. Lets talk.

2) This year, to celebrate the certain things in life, I'm giving away money!
You can quit your job now that I'll pay you for tax client referrals. Top referrer also gets a free buffet with me at the end of tax season (any buffet except for Super King Buffet).

Get Money Details on my website

Now you, have a friend in the tax business.

Liek us on Facebook


  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    nah dude @tvcb has this on lock for everyone
  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,327
    Go see Ben, tell him I referred you
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
  • SpokiiSpokii Riding Level: 122
    Can I still participate in the buffet if I pay for myself?
  • KrinkKrink Riding Level: 79
    @Spokii said:
    Can I still participate in the buffet if I pay for myself?
    Anytime man.
    Im looking for a relatively close Vegas style buffet that's actually decent. B grade or better. I may have to look outside of Portland. Seattle perhaps.

    In other foods, I finally made it to Luc Lac. It was good.

  • SpokiiSpokii Riding Level: 122
    Mexican buffet is in seattle
  • tvcbtvcb Riding Level: 1,388
    @Spokii said:
    Mexican buffet
    Have only heard this phrase with reference to porta-potties
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
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