Tattoos (don't tell my mom she'll be bummed)

bschultzbschultz Riding Level: 391
Who's doing $13 specials this Friday, pref trad american


  • mixtiememixtieme Riding Level: 496
    ME! I'll give you a .13¢ tattoo!
  • tvcbtvcb Riding Level: 1,388
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    im doing tats for .00000013 bitcoin
  • SpokiiSpokii Riding Level: 122
    I will give $13 tattoos if anybody really wants one. Black only, unless you bring your own ink.
  • bschultzbschultz Riding Level: 391
    Ye got small piece from the special flash done by our very own Jake Tong at Skeleton Key. So psyched. But seriously though don't tell my mom she'll be bummed
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342

    for reals going to get that as a tattoo, where should i go?
  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,327
    coz full moon
  • DuderDuder Riding Level: 218
    How many sessions for a neck to elbow shoulder arm tattoo?
  • DuderDuder Riding Level: 218
    Full coverage off entire shoulder upper arm to elbow.
  • DuderDuder Riding Level: 218
    Not a wolf moon Prisoner of Azkaban thing.
  • JasonSJasonS Riding Level: 80
    Goto Scapegoat and see John Wilson.
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