Tale of the broken bike lock

EugeneEugene Riding Level: 110
So last friday after the birthday party I took it upon my self to get more inebriated with a friend of mine I hadn't seen in a while. I biked to Ground Kontrol and proceeded to have far too many vodka shots for my own good. The night continued with another bar called Henry's were in a drunken stupor I quickly locked my bike and back pack outside. The drinking continued. Then as we left I tried getting my bike, however, to my dismay the lock somehow broke and I couldn't get it open despite putting in the right combo. I ended up walking home pissed, thinking my bike was now perma-locked to some street sign. The next day, horribly hungover, I returned to the bike and found that this was how I locked it the night prior in my drunken haze.


Needless to say I was able to cut my backpack off and retrieve the bike fairly easy. Lock is still there. I'm still debating if I'm super lucky or horribly unlucky.
Anyone share a similar experience? post it, post it now.


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