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  • tvcbtvcb Riding Level: 1,388
    Longshot but if anyone has any Corima rear hub from 1998-2014 I need it for cassette body and internals
  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,322
    @bschultz do you have any sram 2x flatbar shifters? Looking for x5 or ???
  • bschultzbschultz Riding Level: 383
    edited August 24
    @miguel I don't but I'll ask around at work. 2x10, yeah?
  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,322
    Just the front, 2x
  • TheDudeTheDude Riding Level: 875
    WTB Phil Wood chrome domes
  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,322
    I have some 36h track hubs
  • rofljenrofljen Riding Level: 2,439
    WTB 110 bcd narrow wide chaingring 38 or 40t. Need it before Saturday :))
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,339
    big ass knobby 26" tires
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