Let's get this party started

KendraKendra Riding Level: 1,356
Hey so we should probably tell other people about this site... so share the link on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, mass text message, carrier pigeon, write a song about and sing it really loud while your out riding around, spray paint it on the sides of trains, or post here if you have a better idea.

I was thinking we should have a portlandfixed ride or a race and the winner gets an OG 4LOKO or mod privileges or something. I dunno! But lets get some new people involved so we can haze them! and if they survive we can meet new drinking buddies, riding partners, friends with benefits, mentors/ mentees, enemies, or drunken mistakes.


  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    Hooray for drunken mistakes!
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    if anyone can get their username referred in 20 new member sign ups, i'll do something really awesome (robot pizza handjob party??), to be determined and awarded at a later date.
  • KendraKendra Riding Level: 1,356
    Speaking of spoke cards, someone should design on for portlandfixed.
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