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  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    @kevin said:
    @Krink said:
    I have no FiXie but I LOVE Evanescense. Please dont tell anyone.
  • KrinkKrink Riding Level: 79
    edited May 2014
    Yo! I stuck around. Living it up in Gresham.

    Got my roadie/touring biek still.
    MTB is getting hooked up right now. lookin to get all bro this sumr.
    Thinking about getting a fixie, not sure why tho.

  • JoshJosh Riding Level: 824
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    teach me how to salmon
  • KrinkKrink Riding Level: 79
    1. Acquire salmon
    2. Gift salmon to someone for their birthday
    3. ??? = Wait for them to pass out, cook and eat salmon
    4. Profit
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    @maldoror said:
    finally escaping this east coast shithole and moving back to portland after 5 hellish years - and i'd like to ride a bike again pls
  • parker Riding Level: 28
    I'm parker most of you know me, I don't really ride bikes that much anymore.
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    @Decjro said:
    I'm awesome!
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    @Bamfs01 said:
  • JoshJosh Riding Level: 824
    Haha awesome
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    edited May 2014
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  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    @SunnyD said:
  • SunnyDSunnyD Riding Level: 8
    Better fucking believe it!
  • LurveyLurvey Riding Level: 416
    yessssss my boy
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    where am i.. im on drugs i think this is a really bad idea
  • LurveyLurvey Riding Level: 416
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    @acherin said:
    Hey Jerry, cuzz duh.
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    Braise the Lard
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    I spent the last 6 years lurking/lulzing pdxfixed, why not 6 more on this forum?

  • damnitfernandezdamnitfernandez Riding Level: 6
    Hi dix.
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    I ride a fixed gear. Tired of being the lone wolf. Beers?
    come on our ride tomorrow or I will LITERALLY MURDER YOU

  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    god damn that looks so cool
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    thinking about getting that airbrushed on an old HED disc
  • JoshJosh Riding Level: 824
    Yeah because that doesn't sound like a total waste of money in every way
  • jerryjerry Riding Level: 4,342
    you're right josh, I decided its cheaper to get it as a tattoo
  • JoshJosh Riding Level: 824
    Now we're fuckin talkin
  • outofstep Riding Level: 19
    What up, dude & dudettes...
    my name's Daniel (formerly dan0verboard on the previous site).
    I live in LA in sunny california, but have been dying to get some riding done up in portland after my visit back in january. forest park got me stoked!
    I like burgers and bikes. currently trying to ditch my cross bike to get a mtb for extra shredding.

    ps love how there's an anime porn theater right next to voodoo donuts! ha!
  • SunnyDSunnyD Riding Level: 8
    edited June 2014
    It's called hentai and it's an art.
  • JoshJosh Riding Level: 824
    Oh boy
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