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  • Grimm_RipperGrimm_Ripper Riding Level: 49
    Sell me the rear wheel homie
  • DANgerDANger Riding Level: 84
    All black YNOT foot retention straps. ATMO some of the best, if not the best, out there. $15. Bought them new from YNOT and stopped riding fgfs. Holler if you want them. Easy install. Good condition.
  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,327
    If that doesn't sell I'm not sure what will
  • JoshJosh Riding Level: 824
    Same tubing, fork, and angles as this:

  • JoshJosh Riding Level: 824
    Too big. Can't make it work. Been fighting it for a year now
  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,327
    edited September 2014
    You could always use a shorter stem and a jacked up saddle, I mean Cx race is only what, 20-30miles?
  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,327
    stem: 3T Arx Team, 90mm
    seatpost: 27.2 Thomson Elite - (0 setback)
    Oh wait
  • LurveyLurvey Riding Level: 416
    You should add that Boone currently works for Argonaut. Very hot right now
  • S_L_D_S_L_D_ Riding Level: 453
    edited September 2014
    Many hot, too heat, wow

    maybe also mention Boone's ponytail and how cool it is.
  • LurveyLurvey Riding Level: 416
    isnt there a ponytail decal on the bike?
  • JoshJosh Riding Level: 824
    Hell yeah
  • Bamfs01Bamfs01 Riding Level: 270
    Wait, can we go back a bit to the Kalavinka?
    Quick question
    How many years has that been reposted on CL for? I will accept minutes as an alternate answer.
  • Bamfs01Bamfs01 Riding Level: 270
    Umm secondly
    Zipp was having trouble with the nipples pulling through the rim bed those years, and considering Dan did the research on the age of that bad boy, it's worth being concerned about.
  • Bamfs01Bamfs01 Riding Level: 270
    Concerned about or concerned with?
    That sentence just didn't seem right to me.
  • tvcbtvcb Riding Level: 1,388
    Apparently kyle is over bikes again?
  • bbqrossbbqross Riding Level: 87
    edited September 2014
    fsa gossamer crankset.
    BB30 spindle
    Minor wear on teeth.

  • tvcbtvcb Riding Level: 1,388
    I was trying to get rid of mine for like $40 a month ago and no one was interested just fyi
  • bbqrossbbqross Riding Level: 87
    thanks trevor
  • LurveyLurvey Riding Level: 416
    edited September 2014
    I need to buy a plane ticket. Would anyone be interested in buying my Igleheart (everything but saddle, pedal, and wheels) Read my rambling paceline ad here: http://forums.thepaceline.net/showthread.php?p=1630711 I could bring it to Portland with me.
  • NoahGendaNoahGenda Riding Level: 38
    Man, I really want to buy that lurvey and would love to help you out but the timing is bad. Hoping to sell off a bunch of shit this Sunday at the super swap so if you still have it then, maybe we can work something out.
  • JoshJosh Riding Level: 824
    Lol @ people trying to get you to part it out...

    Ps any chance you'll sell just the shifters and bottom bracket and rear wheel?
  • LurveyLurvey Riding Level: 416
    edited October 2014
    I've gotten about 20 hits on paceline about it, so shouldn't be a problem to sell. I don't think I'm going to flying out after all though, as things have kind of cooled down and it would be huge trouble to get time off from school and work, so I'm not sure if I still wanna sell it. Cheapest shipping to US I've found for it is $150 though.
  • CekteCekte Riding Level: 1,167
    Selling a few complete small bieks

    Raleigh RX 1.0 50/47cm (size xs/s) alloy Cyclocross Bike - Olive Green w/red & yellow accents. Easton EC70X carbon CX fork. Shimano 105 5700 sti/rd/fd, new ultegra cass, with red TRP CX9 Titanium v-brakes and some other upgrades. Buncha new parts (cassette, chain, cables, housing, bartape, brakes, brake pads, etc) $900 OBO

    Orbea Lobular 54/52.5cm alloy Track Bike - white/blue/green. Zeus Carbon fork. Black SRAM Omnium 165mm 48t crankset, 17t cog. Bontrager paired spoke track wheels, greyish-black. Bontrager carbon post, saddle & tires. $800 OBO
  • bbqrossbbqross Riding Level: 87
    edited November 2014
    Posting stuff for my buddy(offboard, ex shop owner/collector) to clear out some of his live/workspace.

    Long-ish list and just a peak into his full stash. Many of these bikes he had painted/built from frameset to sell in Eugene...and didn't. Some for obvious reasons, but hey....bikes. All prices OBO and I can facilitate purchases or info the next 2 weeks while he is out of town. ALL BIKES LOCATED off SE Clinton & 50th.

    All bikes can be sold with flat pedals or without. Some clipless options available.

    photo IMG_2530.jpg
    Orange Trek Single Speed- $325
    ST: 50cm TT:54cm
    -flipflop hub
    -white swobo wheelset
    -new planet bike fenders and new tires/housing/cables

    photo IMG_2531.jpg
    Vitus geared road bike-$600
    ST:55.5cm TT:55.5cm
    -Full Shimano 600 group
    -CK headset
    -Cinelli stem an campione del mondo bars 42cm

    photo IMG_2533.jpg
    Fuji Track Pro- olive drab powder- $700
    ST:55cm TT: 55.5cm
    -Omnium 170mm
    -B43 to miche primato hubs

    photo IMG_2532.jpg
    Black Fixed Gear- $500
    ST:50cm TT:53cm
    -track dropouts
    -sram elita 130bcd cranks
    -gold hubs
    -sun m13 box/eyeleted rims
    -New red tires/schwinn grips/seat

    photo IMG_2539.jpg
    Unknown Aluminum/Carbon Frame- $600
    ST: 53cm TT: 53cm
    -ROval Wheels
    -Raw/ polished frame
    -Shimano 105 10spd group

    photo IMG_2544.jpg
    NS Analog FGFS- $700
    ST: 53cm TT: 56cm
    -Disc Fork/canti rear
    -custom rear canti bosses and cable routing

    photo IMG_2543.jpg
    Atala upright- $700
    ST:53cm TT: 54cm
    -thomson post
    -full shimano Sante group
    -custom paint
    -new HS/BB/chain

    photo IMG_2541.jpg
    Bridgestone Track- $650
    ST:50cm TT:53cm
    -sugino mighty cranks
    -american classic post
    -3t stem/bar
    -mavic cx18 tubular>sansin hubs
    -hatta HS

    1 Frame:
    photo IMG_2535.jpg
    $400-Sycip 'Carbonated' Steel frameset with Colombus carbon rear triangle and fork
    ST: 59cm TT:55cm
    -Threaded English BB
    -27.2 Seattube
    -Orange CK headset

    Wound-Up CX fork-$150
    -10” carbon steerer
    -straight 1 ⅛”
    -CK headset included for a total of $225
    photo IMG_2536.jpg
    Bontrager Disc fork- $75
    -disc mount only
    -eyelets for fenders
    -alloy steerer 8 ¼” length

    photo IMG_2538.jpg
    Mavic Ksyrium elite-$150
    -campy 10spd w/ cassette

  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,327
    Ahearne cross frame - $800 obo

    Tt actual 56
    Tt eff 57.5
    St c-c 51
    St c-t 55
    Ht 14.7
    CS ~41.5


    dura ace drop outs, double chain stays, fillet brazed. Butted tubing, seems light.

    no dents but the paint is in lousy condition. the thick clear coat has spiderwebbed in places and the top tube is scratched because i never used those rubber donuts. and it's really hard to keep a white bike clean. "great candidate for a repaint"

    in this image saddle is at ~785mm

    frame was designed for a 396 a-c cross fork, originally came with an alpha q that i gave away a few years ago

    though i have a few options:
    black cane creek 100 headset or silver chris king headset available
    black unicrown canti fork or chrome tange lugged disc fork available
  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,327
    i also have a bunch of parts available - sram rival deranglers and cranker, paul mini moto, paul touring? neoretro? canti.
  • bbqrossbbqross Riding Level: 87
    edited November 2014
    EC90SL carbon riser bar. 65cm wide, low rise. $50

    Cannondale C2 flatbar, mild sweep, no rise. $10

    SRAM DoubleTap 2x10 flatbar shifters ( better than drops imo). $100

    Shimano SPD-SL 105 alloy pedals. $40

    track chain of unknown(decent 48x16) length. $10

    crane bell. brass finish. $10

    Kool Stop cartridge V-brake pad/shoe set( 1 complete bike) Like new, with dual compound pad. $30

    Will give the c'dale bar to whomever buys the shifters. all prices obo.
  • MiguelMiguel Riding Level: 2,327
    edited November 2014
    Wheel set
    Black/Ti nukeproof to black velocity (a23/aeroheat/aerohead)??
    True but there's a lil hop in the rear
    Probably fine for you sub 160# dudes and dudettes

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